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Book your inspirational team building event or an unforgettable company away day - the Lisbon treasure hunt is hard to beat! Available on paper, tablet or smartphone.

It is a relaxing and enjoyable event lasting 2 - 4 hours. Teams solve amazing, mind-boggling challenges involving negotiation, planning, communicating and creative thinking.

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How it Works

With the help of our experienced events managers it is an easy 3-step process …


Image: treasure hunt briefing in Lisbon

Distribution of treasure hunt packs and cameras.

A short introduction to the treasure hunt.

Treasure Hunt

Image: magnifying glass icon for the Lisbon treasure hunt.

Teams head out to find the answers to the treasure hunt clues, photo tasks, word game and collect the shopping list items.


Image: marking the Lisbon treasure hunt.

Highly entertaining group marking session.

Awarding of the 'treasure' to the winning team.

Why it Works

Fun and inclusive.

Treasure hunt clues are varied - amusing, cryptic and easy ones so that your staff will enjoy the event.


The treasure hunt has clearly defined goals to be achieved motivating staff to fully engage with the event.


Set up teams with staff from different departments to create a harmonious atmosphere back at the office.


The Lisbon treasure hunt is written with start and finish venues to suit you. There is never a set route that teams must follow so your treasure hunt does not become a tedious procession around the city.


We do more than just your company name and logo on each page to make sure that you are assured of a unique event.


No set start and finish time so, on the day, if timings of other events slip, the treasure hunt will allow you to recover. That makes it a perfect conference break.


As many or as few participants as you want making it ideal for a departmental event or for the whole company.

Easy Organisation.

To make it easy and flexible to fit in with your plans, the Lisbon treasure hunt is a stand-alone event that includes:

Digital cameras during the event
Treasure hunt packs (or access details for the smartphone and tablet versions)
Prizes for the winning team
Coordination and management of your event
Public liability insurance

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Workplace Skills


Each team is given a camera and a set of questions, tasks, a shopping list and word game. There are more clues than they could possibly answer - that is where the planning comes in. Which sectors will they visit? How will they get there? Who will take responsibility for the shopping list?

Time Management.

Teams need to be back at the finish location on time or risk losing points for every minute late.


To win the treasure, communication within the team is paramount.

Negotiation with third parties.

Essential to complete the treasure hunt photo tasks and to obtain the items from the shopping list.

Creative thinking.

The shopping list, some tasks and indeed some of the more cryptic clues will require creative thinking.

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About Lisbon

Lisbon, like Rome, is built on seven hills.

It has a myriad of narrow streets with cobbled pavements for you to explore on your treasure or scavenger hunt. Whether you are team building or on a corporate social event, the streets are guaranteed to generate interest and offer a fascinating backdrop to your hunt.

Lisbon, on the banks of the river Tagus, has strong links to its past whilst remaining firmly rooted in the present - exactly the type of city we choose for this unique event. Places such as the Baixa, located around Rossio, Praça do Comércio; situated on the hill around St. George's Castle, Alfama and Mouraria; Lisbon's traditional quarters with their narrow streets and art nouveau cafes, Bairro Alto and Madragoa, and set on Tagus River and Belém will provide your team with an unforgettable experience.

Legend has it that Lisbon was founded by the famous Greek, Ulysses, but whatever the truth, it certainly has a long history. The Roman Empire ruled Lisbon for over 200 years, but the city was well established before that. In the 8th century, the Christians decided that they wanted Lisbon for themselves and decided to get rid of the Moors - it took about 500 years to achieve that! The 15th century was the real heyday of Lisbon, the city was a major trading centre and the starting point for many Portuguese expeditions of exploration. Probably the low point in the city's history was the 1755 earthquake, in which there was destruction and a great loss of life. Modern Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a member of the European Union, and an important cultural centre, with a lot of its early history still evident in its impressive collection of architectural wonders despite that earthquake, was awarded the prestigious title of Europe's Culture Capital back in 1995.

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